Motorola Releases 'Rule All Machines' Video for Droid Bionic; Gets Pulled by Youtube


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Dec 30, 2010
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We were excited to be bringing you the first glimpse at a Motorola Droid Bionic Video commercial, but for some reason, shortly after it was posted, YouTube pulled the video for violating their TOS agreement. Someone took a screen-grab of the video and that is the picture above. Because it was pulled, there is no telling if it was for real, or some sort of fan-made clip. Interestingly, another screen-grab was taken at about the 30 second mark of the video where a QR code popped up briefly. Here it is below to get the speculation running.


Source: via AndroidCentral and DroidMatters

[Update:] Here is a link to a thread on where Preach2k found a video of the video. It is a couple of places down in the thread:
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If it was a fan made video then how would it violate the youtube TOS?
How can Moto release a video and youtube remove it? I mean isn't youtube owned by Google, and Google is trying to buy Moto?
I just wanna know what that QR Code is all about!?! That has me intrigued!
It was floating around in one of the other threads about this commercial that it just takes you to the Bionic sign up page a Verizon... can't seem to find the other thread tho