Motorola Registered a Moto Z Trademark


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Dec 30, 2010
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Perhaps the rumors of the demise of the Moto lineup were greatly exaggerated. Check out this graphic above. That's a trademark filing for a product called the Moto Z. While it's possible this was something Motorola had in motion before Lenovo decided to shut down any further Moto products, it's also just as feasible that the Moto X is getting the axe because this new Moto Z is coming.

What do you folks think? Could Lenovo be tooling up to offer something exciting and new with the Moto Z?

Of course you had to know that we would jump-start a thread on the subject. Be sure to hit up our dedicated Moto Z section for further discussion: Moto Z

Source: USPTO

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so... if I'm remembering correctly, Sony axes the xperia Z line and moves to the xperia x

and moto axes the Moto X and moves to the Moto Z.....

ok I guess.
Maybe the Moto Z is a new phone made by Moto for Lenovo? Lenovo did say at one point that they were going to hand over production of some of their phones to Moto. Or, maybe the Moto X name is changing to Moto Z. Hard to say at this point.

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