Motorola Droid / HTC Eris Special Pricing


Nov 6, 2009
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Wirefly special... $99 for the Motorola Droid and HTC Eris is FREE (no rebates either thats the out the door price). Rumor has it they plan to up the price slightly to $129 for the Motorola Droid and $29 for the HTC Eris

I was not able to post this in the Droid news thread so if someone could who has the ablity that would be great!

I went through verizon because I had a $100 for an old new every two program, but thought some might like the heads up to save some cash. $99 out of pocket is much better than $299 and then have wait 8 weeks for a $100 debit card from Verizon.

If your not a fan of wirefly... and also have them for $149 (FYI sears' search doesnt find it under name search, you need to do a search for cell phones and then select the motorola droid)