Droid Price /Slashed at Wirefly - $49.99! (new accounts & eligible upgrades)


Nov 19, 2009
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i hope this means something "new" is coming for vzw. come on n1!!!
ok, someone please tell me this is too good to be true. Why shouldn't I do this?

Do I still get warranty through verizon for a monthly fee?

Is the phone new and not refurb?

What's the catch?

I'm ready to buy this at a local store for 250 with 100 mail in rebate. Any experience with this wirefly?
Fellow Droid fans,

Just wanted to give you a heads up on the best deal we’ve had in a long time:

Wirefly has dropped the price on the Droid by $50.

New (w/2-year contract) and current customers (upgrade eligible) can now get a Motorola Droid for $49.99.

Amazon and LetsTalk are still selling it for $99.99.

Here’s a link to our Droid catalog page:
DROID by Motorola for $49.99 with Verizon Wireless plans from Wirefly, the Cell Phones Superstore.

Wirefly Terry

Correct me if I'm wrong but... $49.99 - $50 bing cashback = -$0.01 for the Droid?!

Bing.com > search "Wirefly" > very top "sponsored sites" link to wirefly > scroll to droid > buy droid > receive $50 in about 3 months through bing cashback account
Yes and yes.

Start your session here and click on the wirefly Bing cashback link. You'll get $50 cashback from Bing for every Droid you buy, netting the price to $0.00. Thanks @YellowTwo.
Do I still get warranty through verizon for a monthly fee?
Absolutely. You are a Verizon customer and can get any feature Verizon offers.
Is the phone new and not refurb?
Wirefly is an authorized Verizon Wireless agent and gets all the phones from Verizon. They do not sell refurbs.
What's the catch?
Wirefly doesn't make money on the phone. They make money on the commission Verizon pays them. If you cancel your contract within six months, Verizon will charge them back and you will owe Wirefly $300 in addition to your Verizon early termination fee. That's the catch. You agree to all this on the Wirefly checkout process.
Any experience with this wirefly?
Lots of us have bought from Wirefly before. I have seen complaints about people not getting their orders because of credit, or upgrade eligibility (current customers still need to pass Verizon's upgrade eligibility check). New customers porting numbers from other carriers have complained that the port went through while the phone was still in the FedEx box. Also their advertised upgrade deals are only for when you are upgrading the primary line on the account. Personally I've not had any problems.
Why shouldn't I do this?
The question to me has always been why would you buy from the Verizon store?