Moto Z2 Force Confirmed for July 25th


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Jan 25, 2010
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I pretty much never get any predictions correct. I did for once! I posted on these forums that I believed we were going to see a new and improved Shattershield from Motorola with the Z2. I think this pic, included with an invite to Moto's July 25th NY announcement, confirms it. AndroidCentral thinks they will be doing away with the 'plastic' top layer. Maybe, as I hoped, we will finally have a shatterproof... AND scratch proof phone?
AC is also predicting there will ONLY be a Force this time. We'll find out on the 25th!

Source: Android Central
I'm looking forward to the official announcement and seeing what's new & different with Shattershield Gen 3.

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I enjoy these new Moto commercials. This one is not specific to the Z Force, or Z Force 2, just for the Z Series in general. I love the guy laying in the airport with his phone plugged into the wall. I see that all the time and chuckle to myself knowing my Incipio Mod is either attached or right there in my backpack.

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Ha! That is fantastic. Are those ads on TV? I like "for those waiting on the next big thing" and "screen? Or speaker? Or screen?".
Good stuff Moto. Hope I can pre-order! :D

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I haven't seen any on TV, but I don't watch much TV so not sure.

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Yea, and I'm annoyed already. What time? No one knows. Where? No one knows. Is there going to be an actual event? No one knows. How can no one know?

Got a Tweet from MotorolaHistory there will be no 'Stream' so no official event like thing.