Moto X On Sale for $100-$125 Off Until July 23rd [Coupon Code]


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Dec 30, 2010
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Even though Motorola is very close to officially unveiling their Moto X+1, that doesn't mean the current Moto X isn't still a great device and worth grabbing for folks on a budget. In fact, now is a better time than ever to do just that. If you use the coupon code MBXISMOT you can get $100 off the 16GB Moto X on the Moto Maker website, giving you a final off contract price of just $299.

Using this same code on the 32GB or 64GB yields an even better result. You can get $125 off bringing the respective prices to $324 and $374. Either way you slice it, that's a great off-contract price for an excellent device.

Here's a link to the Moto Maker website:
Maybe I should sell my current Moto X for a new Developer edition. Save me a lot of ROM and Rooting angst.
This coupon code is what has me debating since Friday whether I should get a Moto X or not....such a tough choice...
At this point might as well wait until you see the new moto x and new droids. If Motorola does an incremental update to the devices then the moto x is a good deal. But based in the leaks so far we know we have the potential to at least get a better screen.

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Yeah I think I'm leaning towards waiting. August is right around the corner and the X+1 or whatever they're gonna call it, should be revealed soon.
Now that I think about it a bit more rationally. Once they announce it, prices for the X (should I still want it) should go down quite a bit
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I want to know if the x will be getting the L upgrade before I would buy a device from last year. I always keep a phone at least a couple years so I want to have the latest os if spending the $. I still have unlimited data but really don't use it. I have never even used a gig of data so I have no reason not to take advantage of a subsidised NEW phone. Whole crop of new phones coming in the next 30-60 days.
JDH if you are still thinking about the X. I love it.
my first phone was a bionic. then a droid x. then this phone.
my wife used to use an iphone 4 and SGS4

out of all of them. and even playing with the SGS5 now, i still like the moto x the best
its a good size at 4.7" screen. feels snappy enough for me?
the phone it self feels good in hand (sadly i have to use a case due to work)
i've gotten compliments for the camera quality ( i use the stock) and call quality always sounds good even when i'm in a windy area it noise cancels pretty well.
i give it a two thumbs up.

Edit: if you are using the upgrade on verzion. its only 1 penny buying the phone you can make it on motorolas website, get the custom design you like, and thats better than $300 subsidized phone prices.
Only concern is that I would get stuck again like I am with my RAZR maxx with no more software upgrades. I am still on and always will be on 4.1.2 JB. Nothing to complain about with the phone or the JB just would like yo be able to move forward with Android.