Moto X gen2-need to recover photos from soft brick


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Jun 3, 2010
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Hi All,

I have a Moto X 2nd gen with a completley stock set up and with no root. The battery went dead, and then when I went to charge it and reboot the phone displayed all the moto icons, and the verizon icons but when it fully boots up I get a black screen.

This is a known Motorola issue, I have jumped through hoops with Motorola and literally all they have told me to do is run a factory reset. I have picutres of my new born daughter on the phone and I can't just delete everything and go on with my life. Motorola support has been completley useless, so much so I doubt I will ever buy another Motorola phone.

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Here is what I have tried so far,

Connected via usb, will not show up as usb mass storage
can use fastboot commands (some of them)
can use adb commands (cannot use the ones to transfer info off the phone)

Please if anyone can help I would appreciate it...I am serously dismayed with Motorola's troubleshooting which has amounted to erase the phone, which is unacceptable considering it's their bug to deal with.