More Affordable Nest Thermostat In The Works


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Oct 6, 2011
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A new report has emerged stating that Nest is currently working on a whole new line of products. One of the main barriers keeping many families from upgrading their homes appliances with smart appliances is the high cost. Everyone has a thermostat, light switches, and the like, but converting those to devices with a wifi connection that can easily be controlled from your phone is cost prohibitive in many cases.

Nest is currently working on a thermostat that will be more affordable costing less than $200. The current 3rd Gen Nest will set you back $250 so this is good news for those considering alternative connected thermostats just to save money. There is apparently already a prototype of the new device which does not include the metal ring.

Nest is also working on a security system. This system may include a door bell with security camer similar to Ring. The system will likely also include a code keypad, and door and window sensors as well as a fob for your keyring. Unfortunately we have no time frame for the system's release so you may want to start saving your pennies now as this may take a while to make it to market.

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Cool. I've always thought it'd be nice to try these out, but can't justify the upfront cost, especially when there are more affordable traditional models that work just fine, even if they're not as efficient. Maybe when we buy a house some day. I just replaced the thermostat in our rental a couple years ago. Definitely not worth the price in a house that we don't intend to stay in too much longer. (Yes, I know I could remove and replace it when we finally move out.)
Smart is good, nice to see prices going down.
I have the Ecobee3, control is king.

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