1. N

    Location based alarms?

    I just upgraded to the S9. On my old phone, I was able to set alarms to locations so that they would only go off, for example, at work. I'm unable to find that option on the S9. Yes, Location Services are turned on. Any ideas? This function was really useful for me and I'd hate to be rid of it.
  2. DroidModderX

    More Affordable Nest Thermostat In The Works

    A new report has emerged stating that Nest is currently working on a whole new line of products. One of the main barriers keeping many families from upgrading their homes appliances with smart appliances is the high cost. Everyone has a thermostat, light switches, and the like, but converting...
  3. DroidModderX

    Mimicker Alarm Makes You Jump Through Hoops To Wake Up!

    If you need help waking up and a standard alarm clock is just not cutting it for you Microsoft may have the perfect alarm clock app for you. The new Mimicker Alarm makes you jump through hoops to turn it off. In other words when the app sounds an alarm you will be asked to mimic a specific...
  4. DroidModderX

    Apple Crippling iPhones Again With Another Update

    These forums are centered around Android and as such is the perfect haven for true Android fanboys. While I personally have nothing against Apple (how could I there are Apple products all over my house) it is fun to poke fun at them when they mess up! Last year Apple bricked thousands of phones...