Modify LED colors?

Vertigo RT

Jun 13, 2010
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Im looking for a ROM that supports the ability to change your LED colors from the stock green to blue... there was several roms for the OG Droid that did it... any suggestions? I dont want an app to run in the background for it, I just want it as an option in my ROM.
There is an app in the market called Light Flow that will do this on most any device or ROM including Stock...
I've seen it, but don't wanna run more crap in the background... my batt life is bad enough, lol

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just from my experience using steel droid and light flow I saw no decrease in battery use, although I switched to Handcent sms, I like it alot better then stock and you can modify led notifs

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Yes it does drain battery. I had it and it would destroy mine

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