Changing the LED light color...


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Dec 9, 2009
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How? How do you do it?
People have told me to change my messaging ap, and then change the color of the LED light in the new ap's settings and notification options. While turning off all the default sms notifications. Etc, etc...

Well, I've done all of that. I've used handcent and chompsms. And my LED light never changed color. But I really want my LED light to be blue, so I'm not giving up!

So, does anyone have any suggestions? Is there an ap out there that only changes the LED light color? If not, what else can I try?
Did you go into the settings for Handcent to change the LED color? If you go into settings and look at the notifications, there's an options to change the color of the LED. Mine blinks purple.
If you mean "Missed Reminder", I just found and installed it. Went through and changed all the LED preferences to blue and it's still not changing it. I'm going to reboot my phone and see if that does anything.

If it doesn't change, should I uninstall Chompsms and Missed Reminder and reinstall them? Or would that be pointless?
With the eris, i've seen others complain about the same thing. I cannot find their posts at the moment though :(
Tigger- I searched for "Missed Call" and that was the closest I found.

New2u- I saw those too, that's how I found out about Chomp and Handset. But those threads were short. I assume it was someone asking, someone answering and case closed. I guess I'm just lucky and have the most trouble changing the LED.
If you want to only change it for SMS, SMS Popup has settings for it. You can even set a different vibrate pattern (Custom ones too) and LED colors (can be custom as well). Really good, because I know who texted me based on the color of the LED.
viperboy can you take take pic's of all the things that need turned off so my light blinks color still having problems know. evrything else happy with
how do I take pics of my phone with the camera in the phone? thats a neat trick... wonder if my Droid needs to be rooted to do that ;)