MIUI, X2, Notifications, music and bugs... :/ Help?


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Mar 6, 2012
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I installed MIUI on my X2 a few days ago. Everything works great, except a bug with my notifications and music. Whenever I get a notification while I am listening to music (whether it is the default Music app, Google Music, or UberMusic), my music stop. I do not mean gets quieter then resumes after about 5 seconds. I mean stops. The music either completely stops, the song restarts, or the songs skips. Usually it just restarts and if I get enough notifications in a small enough span it will stop. Other then that, there is no indication of what is causing it. Upon looking elsewhere on the Interwebs I have determined it is a hardware bug with the X2/bug with MIUI. Any ideas how to fix it? Or is my guess even right?


Also, version info:
Android: 4.0.3