Milestone 2. ROMS?


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Feb 13, 2011
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Hello everyone, first post in these wonderful forums.

I have quite the noobish question about ROMS. Since the droid 2 and the milestone 2 aren't exactly the same devices (like, my milestone can shoot in 720p for example), I'm guessing there are no custom ROMS for my phone? Thank you very much for any answers.

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I think argen2stone is the only milestone 2 rom around, it still has blur too, your right as far as droid 2 roms not working on themilestone 2. Team Defuse was supposed to release fission for the milestone 2 but who knows what happened. I'm sorry.
Thanks for the info mate, nothing to be sorry about :)
I got my Milestone 2 weeks ago, been tinkering with it, no hurry to wait for some ROM after all the phone was released quite recently compared to Droid 2.

Anyhow the ROM seems kinda buggy from what I saw in the XDA forums so I'm gonna wait a bit longer. Thanks!