Mic is WAY too sensitive


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Apr 1, 2011
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The only issue I have with my (and more frequently my wife's)Incredible is that the mic seems to be too sensitive to both the caller's voice and, perhaps more importantly, to background noise. Whenever I'm on a call with anyone not using an Incredible, call volumes are perfectly normal and understandable. However, when I get a call from my wife, who has an identical phone, her voice is VERY loud, even with the call volume turned down as far as it will go - almost like a speaker phone. If there is background noise on her end, it's next to impossible to understand what she's saying. Well, any more than in normal conversation, but that's a discussion for another forum....:) I have had similar complaints from friends regarding my calls, so it doesn't seem to be restricted to her phone. It seems that some sort of adjustments to the mic would be helpful here......