Messed up my SIM card already.


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Jul 15, 2010
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HA, I already hate SIM cards. I have a few lines here at work as I'm one of the "smartphone" guys. I upgraded my embedded data card to a Thunderbolt as that was out of contract. No problems so far, activated just fine and I was good to go.

So now my next step was to move my main cell number to the Thunderbolt. Prior to 4G, it was simple. I would log into my corporate VZW portal, pull up the number of the device and change the ESN/MEID to the new device.

So I did this. I pulled up my Thunderbolt cell#, and assigned that number to my embedded GOBI card. It made me switch dataplans to the broadband plan just like it has done 10000 other times I have done it.

Next step was to take my cell# on my Fascinate and move it to the Thunderbolt. I pulled up my cell# on the portal and went through the process to move the number over. It wanted the ID of the device as well as the SIM card which I entered. However it errored and said:
The SIM Card ID entered is either invalid or can no longer be used with this device. Please verify your SIM Card ID and re-enter, or order a new SIM Card

So I called our corporate Verizon support line and basically told they can't move that SIM to my new number and the would have to send me a new SIM. (Which I'm making them overnight me.) Which blows. Anybody do anything like this yet? Maybe if I would have called them originally to do the switch it would have worked better in their system... I dunno.