Messed up my phone....again help!


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Feb 3, 2011
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So yesterday I rooted my TB with this guide:
[Auto] Root and Unroot (Windows)**Updated**5/20** w/MR1 update - Android Forums

That all went fine.

Today i was feeling audacious, so i decided to install rom manager/install clockwork recovery/download rom/attempt to flash.

As usual, I messed it up, and it hangs on the boot screen.

no problem, I'll just go into recovery mode right? wrong!

So i attempt to boot into something useful by holding the volume down button, and power button. It boots into some sort of something, and which has a list of options, but before you can select recovery, it goes through some text, and ends up at this:

So I select no, and then it reboots, freezing on the boot screen again....

help?! :icon_eek:
You left the pg05img file on the root of your SD card. you're going to have to somehow delete it off of the SD card in order to continue. Do you have another phone that can access the SD card or possibly a standalone microsd reader?

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Also you may be able to remove the SD card entirely and just boot in to hboot with no SD card to get in to clockworkmod and try a data wipe if that's the issue.

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