Need help deciding which way to return to stock...rooted by Revolutionary Method


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Feb 26, 2010
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My girlfriends tbolt (was mine for past year until last week, so I know the phone well) is stuck booting into recovery and attempting to install something but fails each time. I want to get it back to a factory state. I'm thinking of either unrooting it or flashing a stock rooted rom. I have all the files downloaded for the "Return to stock from Revolutionary Method and ready to do that method. But why can't I just flas a stock image from Recovery? I have the file. If I flash that will it return to the stock rom and retain root? This could be the easiest, quickest solution to get it to stop attempting to install whatever it is trying to install. And if I use this file and it screws up the phone can I revert back to the "Return to Stock from Reveloutionary Method" to fix it?

I'm scarred. LOL

After doing more web searches it looks like Verizon has been pushing a forced update since Dec 17th. Rooted users are experiencing the same thing I posted. You can wipe cache and it allows the phone to boot up normally without installing the update to 605.9 but it will try to download and install again in a few days. I can't find any posts on how to completely block this update and the scarry thing is it has not hit the news section of the forums. I have never seen an update come out without a leak to the news section before.

The man is at it again.

Anyone know how to block this thing? Id rather do that than unroot the phone.

[video=youtube;Ug5pEv9y5r0][/video] thats what i used. I unrooted then updated with the OTA then rerooted using revolutionary. then flashed CM7.