Message+ lgg4 and Windows message+


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Jul 4, 2010
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The lg g4 came preinstalled a message+ from Verizon to sync Msgs a cross devices the web sbrowser version is good and the app ok but the Windows desktop version crashes anybody have tips to fix?
I use the VZW Message+ App on my phone / tablet but was never able to get into the use of it thru my PC / laptop so I use MightyText instead as it was more reliable for me.

Good luck and if you find a fix, definitely share it!
I am using Verizon message+ via web page on Pc as as alternative and turn sync on in app on phone but use chomp as my default sms and it works great. The web page has an option to stay logged in which is nice too but it would be nice if the native Windows app worked. I tried to get message+ on my old android on WiFi only but it didn't work it seemed to be trying to use a cell connection I disabled. Might text looks good does it use data plan or can I force WiFi only as I have unlimited sms from Verizon which I hope applies to message+ . does anybody know if message+ syncing costs Extra data cost of if it's Message plan?
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