"Media Storage" "Gallery" problem


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Oct 8, 2012
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Razr M Kitkat 4.4.2 Verizon

Camera and/or Gallery wasn't working properly all of a sudden (nothing new installed or updated) as when I took a photo the little square preview thumbnail was not showing up. Opening up the Gallery showed no photos on internal or SD card? When opening the Gallery, the phone kind of glitched, screens not working properly, took a while to get back to home screen. Using a file mangage app, the images are on the SD card and also show up when viewing on a computer w/ microSD Adapter.

What I tried,
I tried a soft reset,
cleared/wiped the system/partition cache,
went into the Gallery app and cleared its cache and data.

I saw that my internal memory was down to 300MB and that the "Media Storage" data was using +3GB, so I cleared its cache and deleted the data. Now I can take a photo and it shows up with the small thumbnail preview however only new images taken with the camera show up in the Gallery. I found online the following steps to get the Gallery working

Settings, Apps, All, -Google+,-Clear Defaults,Then pull up a picture and choose to view with Gallery instead of Google. And choose "Always"

This seems to have "fixed" the problem as now my SD card pictures are showing again in Gallery. What was the problem? Why was the "Media Storage" using so much internal memory and how to prevent this from happening again? Anything else to check or clear?


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Jan 30, 2012
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Norcross, GA - USA
I think you probably had some bum cache somewhere, possibly from an app or an update that didn't go just right.. There are some apps on the Store that will allow you to drill down to find what is taking up room that may not be obvious. You also may want to try QuickPic as a substitute for Gallery. This is a good disk space analyzer. DiskUsage - Android Apps on Google Play
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