Maxx volume issues


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Jan 4, 2013
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Hello all...

I am having issues with the volumes on the phone. Using my own ringtone volume on full, works fine. After 2 or 3 days with charging and using normally, the ringtone comes on full when I get a call an the volume lowers to a whisper. After a few calls like that the ringtone volume, and all volumes in the phone just stop working all together. After a reboot it works fine again for a few days and then starts all over again.

Any thoughts?

And is there any way to disable the volume "safety" feature where it warns you that raising the volume too loud is dangerous?

Try clearing the cache on your phone.

Also just a note, android phones and tech in general preform better if rebooted every 24 hours anyway.

To disable the warning you will need to be rooted and disable/freeze the apk.
Well I did the "cache" solution you mentioned and no difference. I rebooted the phone last night right before I went to bed, this morning my alarm went off fine... I hit snooze and 10 mins later just vibration... No sound. I was up already so I left it alone after I hit snooze again and the alarm went off again like nothing was wrong. Took so long to reply cause I was trying to figure out why it was happening and which app was causing it. Spoke with Big Red on Friday and they said its a known issue and there sending a replacement. Will a FDR clear root and entitlement hack? and should I take the new phone or wait for the "known issue " to be resolved?

@ phonetek642: What method did you use to get root? Any problems? I'm waiting for my new Maxx now and will be rooting it as soon as I get it, so as to be able to migrate data with Titanium...
Thank you! Now, the long wait (a couple of days) for it to arrive!