Material Design Flamingo Twitter Client Hits The PlayStore


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Oct 6, 2011
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Twitter Clients abound. After many years of trying different twitter clients, and even paying for several of them I became jaded after those clients' developers abruptly stopped supporting their apps. This happens when a twitter client reaches its token limit. After 100k users download and install a twitter client the official Twitter stops allowing more users to join. Without the flow of cash from new users developers don't have the resources to continue their projects.

All that being said Twitter actually gave Falcon Pro more tokens after they reached the hard limit. That is pretty rare and it should be mentioned that the Falcon Pro developer actually works for Twitter now.

If you did want to try out a new Twitter client there is a new one by the name of "Flamingo". Flamingo is the product of Sam Ruston known for his work in developing "Weather Timelin". The big feature here is the material design. If that sounds interesting to you head to the link below to grab the BETA version of the app for only $.99.

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