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Jul 26, 2011
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I purchased my first android phone yesterday *HTC Incredible 2*. The marketplace had been working fine, however when i go to click in to the marketplace today it says loading and then crashes back to the main screen. I have followed some steps people gave : settings, applications, and clearing the cache/data and then restarting the phone. This however did not solve my issue of the marketplace crashing when I click it. Every other application works fine except for this one.
You will probably have to factory reset the phone under the sd card and phone storage menu. Did it come with 2.3.3 firmware already loaded?
no it updated to 2.3.3 yesterday after I bought it.
I had to factory reset mine after the OTA update. My market, manage apps and a couple other things stopped working. Factory Reset fixed everything. The Alarm Clock app will prolly be gone after the OTA udpate, it is a bug that HTC knows about and they need to fix.
Fine another market apk and reinstall. Had to do that with a buddy of mine whose market disappeared. Don't remember the kind of phone he has though

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You should do a factory reset, because there are probably other problems that will arise. Most of us have had to do it after the OTA update. It is always good for a new OS to be installed on a clean system anyways instead of overtop. Your contacts should be backed up through Google. Sign into your Gmail from a computer to make sure they are all there. Verizon will have you factory reset anyways if you call them. Reinstalling the market apk may just be a bandaid to the issue and not a full fix.
ok i did a factory reset. right before i did use backup assistant to save all my contacts like ive always doen. however i now cannot connect to the assistant to get my contacts back....
Ok. Everything should work now except for alarm clock and htc mail be buggy still.
Not everyone had the alarm clock and weather issue with it. I didn't have any issues with mine.
I am having the issue with my phone. Question, how do you reset it to factory settings and do you lose everything?
My Market crashed yesterday too and then I couldn't find it anywhere. I've had GB since it came out and I did a factory reset a few days later.

I selected "Restart" instead of the normal power off, which is the soft reset. When it came back, I had the new Market.
Only issue i've had is my fake phone call widget has to be reinstalled on my screen after a restart.

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