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Apr 9, 2010
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There is an application that has been installing in my market place downloads for over a week now. When I longpress on it, it only shows me details, doesn't give me the option to cancel download. What can I do?

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Market error: App stuck in "Currently Downloading" status

did you ever get an answer on this? Mine is doing the same thing!!! Its permanently stuck on downloading "Documents to Go 3.0". Its very annoying. I did a search and your question is the only other one I've seen like this. can anyone help us? I have gone in and looked at all currently running apps- restarted my phone several times- taken the battery out for a bit and re-inserted it. No luck. I got so annoyed I uninstalled the original Documents to Go- and cannot get this "currently downloading" to stop. when I click on it, getting same message as previous post- only lets me see details. gray "Installing" button on bottom is "grayed out" so I can't hit "cancel download"
Have you tried clearing data/cache?

Settings > Applications >Manage Applications > All > scroll down to market > Clear both cache and data and reboot then go into market and should not see the item downloading
Hope that works for me too, mine is doing it to the droid forums ap