"Can't Process Refund"


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Sep 23, 2010
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Just purchased "Rom Buddy PSX" from MoMojo. I've never had a problem with this developer in the past, but I'm now unable to get a refund due to what seems to be an error.

I purchased the application about an hour or two ago and after finding that the games are too big for my Nexus One, went to the market Downloads and upon clicking "Uninstall & Refund", I get two prompts:

1: Can't process refund - Sorry, we can't give you a refund at this time. Try uninstalling at a later time, or uninstall now and request a refund later in "My Downloads".
This prompt gives me options "OK" which does nothing and "Uninstall anyway".

Then over that prompt comes another
2: Attention - A server error has occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen.
Options: "Retry" or "Cancel".

This is very frustrating and I'm concerned that if I wait, the refund will no longer be available to me after 24 hours.

Please help asap; thanks much.