Maps/Navigator forgets route?


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Nov 10, 2011
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I recently had a problem where the Navigator forgot the route while running in the background, and had to recalculate it upon returning to the foreground. Normally this is not a problem, but I often drive in places with no data service which prevents Navigator from re-finding the route.

More details: It was a long drive in the middle of nowhere, so I was using my Galaxy Nexus to perform navigation and play music. I switched out of navigation to change the song playing. When I switched back to Navigation, it just gave me the "Searching for Route" message. Because I was in the middle of nowhere, there was no data service so it was unable to find the route. Fortunately, because I was in the middle of nowhere, I didn't have to make any turns either.

Extra detail: I use JuiceDefender to help battery life, and have noticed that when Navigation is running in the background the GPS is sometimes inactive (so the Navigation misses turns, etc). I suppose it's possible that the Navigation just got confused about location with the GPS turning on and off, and that it then tried to find a new route from where it thought I was?

Is this normal behavior? Is there some way I can prevent Navigation from losing the route when it's inactive? Alternately, while I love the ability to pre-cache areas on maps, it would be even better to pre-cache the entire route so that I can always recalculate it while offline, so long as I am on or near the original route.