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Sep 6, 2012
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With an emphasis on waypoint navigation, GPS Waypoints Navigator provides a comprehensive tool-set for wilderness and city navigation.

Includes the following:
Reporting on all standard GPS parameters
-Latitude and Longitude
Heading (includes magnetic declination correction when in magnet mode)
Time en route
Directional compasses (customizable)
Waypoint Management System
-Set waypoints from map, enter coordinates or save current position
-Editable Waypoint Database for storing waypoints
-Waypoint-Finding Compass - A dynamic waypoint-finding tool that always points to your waypoint- just follow the arrow and you'll wind up at your destination!
Maps (street and satellite maps) for setting and viewing waypoints, trails and your position
Trail Management System
Trail Recorder
Editable Trail Database for storing and retrieving trails
Overlay your trail on street or satellite maps
Waypoint Guidance System
-Includes the waypoint-finding compass and reports target coordinates, heading, speed,
Email a map of your position
Get turn-by-turn driving directions from your position or from a specified address or coordinate
Data protection system- your data is backed up regularly meaning you will not lose your progress if you need to change batteries while en-route

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New in this version: *** New in version 4.0 and 4.1 *** - Added magnetic field filter to eliminate the effect of electromagnetic noise in the environment on the compass and satellite location screens. - Support for Chinese - Support for Russian - Support for Spanish / Ahora en español - Support for German / Jetzt in der Deutsch Sprache - NOW SUPPORTS PHONES WITH SMALL SCREENS DS Software specializes in mobile navigation tools


Dec 22, 2009
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3.99 seems a bit to much
a buck or 2 may sell it a lot more overall, hard to pay that much and you may not really like it
apps are cool to maybe pay a little but some are starting to cost to much
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