Maps/Navigation scrolling


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Feb 9, 2010
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I'm a little confused on using the maps.

I have the car dock, when I put the maps on the screen (not navigating from one location to another, just want the maps on so I can see streets in these cases), it doesn't automatically follow when I'm driving. I found that if I tap Menu, then tap "my location" it will follow while moving. The wierd thing though, is about half of the time, it follows in the same mannor of my garmin. (the road scrolls from top to bottom of the screen)

But the other half of the time, It sometimes scrolls from bottom to top, (kind of like I'm driving backwards) other times it scrolls from left to right and sometimes from right to left.

Where's the logic? When and why does this do this? Is there a way to keep it so it's always scrolling from top to bottom like other GPS nav's?