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Nov 11, 2009
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when i go into maps, and look at my location it shows my location in another city then im in, anyone else have a problem like this?
are you on the border? I noticed that my weather app sometimes gives me my city and a city right next to me. I am literally on the border so I can understand, even changes when I'm in different parts of my house, lol.

As for maps, I've heard that it can find your location via cell phone towers or wifi. I've only used GPS signals when i use maps and it gives me my exactly location correctly everytime.
well i dont have the "use gps satellites" enabled, only the "use wireless networks" one enabled and it was working fine before, now it pretty much just thinks im in a different city lol even when i drive around its showing the little blue dot move in another city and not where im at lol
Yup, happened to me. I turned on "use gps" and turned off "use wireless network" and I've been in the correct city ever since.
wont leaving that turned on kill the battery really fast though?