Magisk Has Just Been Updated For Hiding Root


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Oct 6, 2011
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SafetyNet is what Google uses to determine if your device has been rooted. A rooted device can be a security risk for apps like Android Pay so you can see why Google might want to block root when it comes to apps that store credit card numbers and bank info. Still if you know the risks and still want to be able to root your device and use such apps you can with Magisk SuperSU Hider.

SafetyNet was able to detect root even when SuperSU hiders like Magisk were being used. Magisk was just updated and enables you to hide SuperSU so you can once again use Android Pay and even apps like PokeMon Go. Head to the link below to grab the update.

via XDA
I am really interested in Magisk, however I am confused by it's implementation.

Currently, I am running a custom ROM (DU), prerooted, and I want to install Xposed at some point.

1. Can I run Xposed and Magisk at the same time?
2. Is it possible to hide root just by using Xposed? (I've searched on this, and my findings are non conclusive)
3. Can I use a custom ROM and use Magisk at the same time?
4. Are all these extra layers to keep root and use Android Pay even worth it? (optional)