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    Solved My File Manager looks different and my phone is slower.

    My File Manager on my Alcatel Dawn phone looks way different now and my phone is performing slower. Was this an update or do I have some sort of virus?
  2. DroidModderX

    Magisk Has Just Been Updated For Hiding Root

    SafetyNet is what Google uses to determine if your device has been rooted. A rooted device can be a security risk for apps like Android Pay so you can see why Google might want to block root when it comes to apps that store credit card numbers and bank info. Still if you know the risks and still...
  3. DroidModderX

    1Password Update Brings Fingerprint Scanner Support

    1Password is one of the easiest ways to stay secure on the web. We are all members of dozens of sites on the web. Each site needs its own password. We are told that each site should have a different password. This is pretty good advice. If all your accounts have the same password a hacker who...
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    Enpass Password Manager FREE Today Only!

    If you are looking for a solid password manager app, but don't want to pay bookoo bucks for it, today is your lucky day. Today only the Enpass Password Manager App is free. To activate the lifetime pro access you will need to first download the app from the Play Store at the link below then you...
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    Xperia Themes Coming To Sony Handsets!

    For the longest time you had to root your phone in order to use custom themes on your device. Over the past year or so OEMs have been adding native theme support to their devices. HTC and Samsung have really been leading the way in this area. It looks like Sony will be stepping up to the plate...
  6. DroidModderX

    Fingerprint Scanner Support Arrives For Keeper Password Manager

    One of the features that I feel I can no longer live without is the fingerprint scanner. Who knew something this simple would be so awesome. The first time I tried a fingerprint scanner was with the Galaxy S5. It was pretty useless as you had to slide your finger across your home button and then...