LPplus and Rooted but still lagging DROIDX


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Oct 7, 2010
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ok i got launcher pro free maybe 5months ago. used it for free until about last month.
I z4'ed the phone 2wks ago. Yet through it all i still get the annoying lags that i noticed 2 weeks after i got the phone.

Is there a formula or app that can clear this up?

Sometime when i hit the phone icon, it freezes for about 10 seconds then the dial pad comes up. Sometimes i can dial 3 numbers to a phone number and then when i hit the 4th number, the phone starts dialing the 1st three.

Scrolling home screens is never a problem.
Fast scrolling (not super fast just multi-tasker fast) often skips with .5-1 second pauses.

tapping numbers from the recent calls list takes 5-7 seconds to initiate the call. Happens about every 30 calls or so.

opening the market and some apps sometimes pauses on the black screen for 15secs or sometimes until it sits for about 3mins.

This has always been. I started noticing these things about 2-3weeks after i purchased.


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Nov 11, 2009
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LauncherPro is most likely causing the lag.

When I was running it on my D1, after a couple days it would like to freeze for a good 10 seconds and as for a FC.

Try another launcher or you could try clearing the cache, but this is why i ditched LP, it caused lag for me. You could try another launcher though, i think the other one is Helix? Don't know the name off the top of my head