Low on space


Jan 9, 2010
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I'm pretty low on space for my Motorola Droid since I have a ton of apps installed. Right now, I have about 18.7 MB available of internal memory left. I've uninstalled some apps that I don't need or want anymore.

I just wanted to know how to get rid of the icon for having a low amount of space left from the notifications bar/window? I'm sure some others out there know what I'm talking about. There's a little hard drive with an exclamation point icon that shows up when you get to a certain amount of space left over on the notifications bar/window. I hope someone knows how to get rid of that icon without needing to uninstall anymore apps.
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I wasn't able to find a fix for this...a developer could probably fix this in their ROM if they wanted to. You can try Cyanogenmod/Ultimate Droid ROMs, they both include Apps2SD.
Check the size of your Dialer Storage.
Try moving your MMS pictures and videos to your SD card, then deleting them from your MMS client. This freed up over 50MB of internal phone storage for me and removed the "low storage" icon on the taskbar.
I'm sure you're pumped for Android 2.2, where you can install apps on your big sd card!
You can

...do a complete phone restore/reset always free up space for me.

Eliminates and cleans up left over crap after a lot market updates.

I deleted the latest Google map update. Close to 4mb of functions
i dont even use.