Low on space message


Jul 5, 2010
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I'm getting a "Low on Space" message (Moto Droid I) saying that the phone storage space is getting low. I check my SD card (12.26GB available) and Phone storage (24.07MB available).
What am I missing??? Do I have too many apps????
Is this just that I'm "running" too many??

I've had the same problem a few times now. Its weird. My best recommendation would be to download Disk Usage from the market. This will show you the biggest apps on your phone, which you can then either remove some you don't use or just move them to the sd card.

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just go to Manage Apps and hit the menu then sort them by Size... then just move a bunch of big ones like Google Earth and stuff to your SD Card. Just dont move real important ones like widgets and such...
I have had this a few times too. It usually happens when I am receiving a text message. this happens even though I have my text message set to delete texts after a set amount. To fix it I just delete all my texts and everything works fine.
my buddy just had the same problem with his incredible and verizon said it had to be replaced so might wanna call them
that message has to do with the internal storage on the phone, not the sdcard. at 24 mb, you have less than 10% of internal storage left, which in my experience seems to be the line that triggers the message. like others have suggested, just go into settings/applications/manage applications, and start moving apps to your sdcard (you have plenty of storage on there). but, like icculusX said, don't move any apps that you are using as widgets, because when you reboot you will have to reload all of those widgets.
crap didn't notice the MB was thinking GB but thats not possible haha yea move some apps and you will be good