lost 4G when moving phone from 3g to 4G with app


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Mar 26, 2010
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I have an S3. With ice cream sandwich... I could switch between 4G lte and 3g with the use of phone info app. Now... It won't go back to 4G at all and my girl has an s3 and has full 4g. Any thoughts?
Have you tried switching it back to 4G in the settings of the phone (Settings -> More settings (under Wireless and network) -> Mobile networks -> Network mode -> LTE/CDMA or Global) instead of through the Phone Info app?

The same thing happens with the Note 2. It won't switch back to LTE from 3G-only if you try to change things in the Phone Info app. The Phone Info app works great for getting it into 3G-only, just not for going back. With the Note 2, if you make the change in the phone's settings, it works just fine (sometimes entering and exiting airplane mode or a reboot is needed afterwards).

It seems like it's a Jelly Bean issue of some sort with the Phone Info app.
That worked great! Thank you so much. I just deleted the app and will just do it manually!
I used to use an app called 4g Switcher. Worked great, was pretty much just a 4g widget.