Looking for an FTP webcam app...


Jan 4, 2010
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Boston suburbs
I need an app that will FTP an image to my webserver at specific intervals. Right now I'm using MobileWebCam but it's been having problems with the uploading, which is bad. It also uploads a really big image and I'd rather be able to set the image to a smaller resolution (like 320 x 240).

Ideal features:
  • automatic FTP upload, ability to set interval in seconds
  • ability to apply an overlay image to the picture (like a border)
  • no sound/low sound/or ability to turn sound off
  • ability to take pictures in portrait mode

Does anyone know of a good one? Note, I am NOT looking for an app that lets you stream video from your phone to your computer so that you can watch it. I want an image uploaded to my website, so that anyone can watch it. (I doubt I'd have the bandwidth to do it streaming, so I opt for the interval FTP image upload).

I'm also interested, for other reasons, in finding an app that would let me use the phone's camera from my computer, so that I could capture images from my computer and use it as a webcam there (this would obviously not work as well as the above, because that one I want to be mobile, like in my car and stuff), but since my one webcam is broken and I can't find my other one, I'm stuck with just the one in my laptop and I want to have one running here at work. I have an old original Droid that I could use if I could find an app that would let the computer recognize it as a camera through the USB cable.