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Jan 16, 2010
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Well im looking for a relatively nice headset to use with my thunderbolt, ive never actually owned a bluetooth headset before but i think its time for me to get one. The reviews on that one are really good and the price is great as well. Can't argue with a 61% savings.

I was looking at a jawbone headset (hence the link) but im just curious has anybody here actually used a jawbone headset, that could give me a review? Or if you haven't are there any other bluetooth headsets you'd recommend getting? im looking to spend no more than 50$ on a headset, but i want something thats going to last me a few years (with being taken care of extremely well) I think thats about it, any kind of advice would be helpful :)

Thanks in advance
I just got one and I love it. It connected and paired first try. It fits in the ear and is comfortable and secure too. I can listen to books, music, and of course phone calls. The only complaint I have is the power switch is a very small slider and a couple of times it wasn't turned on when I thought I had turned it on. Now I use my finger nail to switch it on.

The one headpiece I can suggest you don't get is the Blue Ant. They are comfortable and have a sweet set of features, but I've went threw 3 of them. They work fine for a few days to a month and then won't pair. I got the warranty but on the third replacement I had lost the receipt and was out of luck. Avoid at all costs!

Hope this helps and good luck.

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Yep I would go with a jawbone. I've had mine for almost 2 years now. Its not the the icon series but it still works just as good as the day i got it. I think mine is the jawbone prime.

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You can't lose with Jawbone. I have the original Jawbone. I got it around 4 years ago still sounds great and holds a charge just fine.

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