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Jul 3, 2010
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Just thought after using the incredible resources this site has to offerfor the last month or so, I'd actually make a baby step towards making a contribution to the very talented and helpful ( from what I've seen anyway)community . Anyway rambling, but looking to get into development and not just flashing the latest and greatest, that being said I'm a total noob from a coding perspective and have a very low level understanding ofcmmand line /bash stuff but I can learn with a little shove in the right direction. So on finally to my point anyone have a good place to start tutorials etc. beyond using metamorphosis and pre built rom kitchens, I feel without a decent understanding of the coding side at least at the ground level these other tools are just cheating me out of really learning what I'm trying to do. Anyway thanks to all in advance.
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Welcome to the Forum....
Welcome aboard.

Are you looking to work with roms, kernels, themes and their associated graphics, or make some apps for the market? For all but the market apps I'd start by frequenting those threads, testing various themes or roms and learning more how they work then progress into your own creations. For market development there's been some mention of those tools in the app and development sections here. Pick a project and folks will hopefully point you in the right direction to get it accomplished.
Yeah I wanted to take a look at kernels and roms primarily, I just want to get a really good feel for the mechanics and then work on the theming thing. But maybe even just some logcat interpretation just so I can see what's happening and why, but anyway I know it's all here and the devs seem to be really responsive and helpful (unlike some other places I've looked around). I may just look through the posts, compile what I think is useful and jump in, hopefully not getting in too over my head before I ask for help.I've messed around with the sdk and adb to some degree and feel fairly confident that I can catch on fast.