Lock Screen Settings


Mar 10, 2011
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On my previous phone, HTC incredible 2, I could set the lock screen to display the pattern unlock after the screen has been off for a certain amount of time (like 15 minutes).

I don't think the verizon s3 can be setup to do the same thing. My current settings are to secure the lock screen with a pattern and I checked the use secured lock with swipe lock box. If I got to the lock automatically settings and select 2 minutes, the screen will not lock at all once the power button is hit until 2 minutes of inactivity has occurred. If i hit the power button again before the two minutes has passed, the phone opens right to where it left off without have to swipe to unlock.

I want to have the phone go to the swipe to unlock screen every time the screen is turned on, and have the pattern unlock happen after a certain amount of inactivity (screen off time). After playing with the screen lock settings for a while, I do not think this is possible like it was on my older HTC phone. Has anybody been able to setup their lock screen like this?