Live Phish App now on the Android Market!


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Feb 10, 2010
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The Moon
Phish finally on Android!

Hey all you Phishheads, time to wake up. Finally the iPhone Live Phish app has been ported to Android. It is only 3.99 and lets you check out tour dates, setlists, and stream live music anywhere. I mean anywhere! In your car, on a train, in the trunk of someone else's car, in a cardboard box... anywhere! Listen to samples before you buy tunes, or connect to the 24/7 free Live Phish Radio stream. They even host random 'featured' shows from the archives to stream for free! You also can connect to You can check out reviews and more information HERE. Be aware that a bunch of listeners are saying that the app tends to skip tracks from time to time, but this app is new and I know Phish will do a good job in fixing it. They also said to keep an eye out for big updates. Also, I urge all of you phans who can to buy the live video stream of the show tonight (9/14/11). It may be a little more expensive, but the money goes to help flood victims in Vermont. Grab the cough, listen to good jams, and get good karma all at the same time!