SkyAmp - Stream Music From SkyDrive to Your Android Device


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Aug 24, 2011
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The Cloud is increasingly used to store music files and and stream them to mobile devices. Windows Live SkyDrive, which offers up to 25GB of free online storage is a popular cloud storage option for users. SkyDrive is primarily used to work with Office documents, but did you know that you can now upload music files to SkyDrive and stream music from SkyDrive to your Android device?

SkyAmp, an Android App developed by Sky Droid now makes it possible for you to stream music files from SkyDrive and listen to them even when you’re not connected to the Internet. SkyAmp is available both as a free and a paid app, the free version only allowing you to add 3 songs to the playlist at a time.

How to Stream Music From SkyDrive to Your Android Device With SkyAmp

Once you download SkyAmp from the Android market, tap the SkyAmp app icon. You will be asked to sign in with your Windows Live ID. Once you are connected to Windows Live SkyDrive, You will be taken to the root SkyDrive folder.


You can then navigate to the folder containing your music files and tap the icon at the bottom right of the screen to add the music files to the Playlist.


Then click the Media Player icon at the top of the screen to listen to your favorite songs.


SkyAmp is a neat app with a simple interface that lets you stream music and play them offline even when you’re not connected to the Internet. It supports .mp3 ,.m4a and .ogg file formats, which is quite limited, but provides additional options such as the ability to download the artist photo automatically, set play mode options and share music files with friends using the Shared Folder option.


Users outside the US who don’t have access to other music streaming services such as Google Music or Amazon Cloud Drive can make use of the super useful free Windows Live SkyDrive services to enjoy their favorite tunes. SkyAmp also works on the Samsung Galaxy Tab so if you own a Galaxy tab, you’re in luck.
If you haven’t registered for a Windows Live SkyDrive account, create your Windows Live ID here and get the advantages of not just listening to streaming music, but also of working with Office 2010 apps on the cloud.

Download SkyAmp Lite (Free)

Download SkyAmp (Paid)