Live Blog: Google Motorola Press Event [NOW]


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Jan 27, 2010
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8:55AM: Ben at Barclays: How did you get to the price
8:54AM: Drummon: an SEC filing forthcoming
8:51AM: Rubin: Motorola was really involved in Android early. They are one of the founding partners of the Open Handset Alliance
8:50AM: Drummond: Google has seen some very aggressive demands on the Android ecosystem, acquiring Motorola’s patent portfolio will make things more open and vibrant
8:50am: Ross Sandler, RBC: asked about unit economics of Android, are you removing risk for things like licensing fees
8:49AM: Page responds that they are operating Motorola as a separate company. He is also excited about protecting the Android ecosystem. Motorola Mobility really has a lot of potential. “This is a really unique opportunity and one I am tremendously excited about”
8:48AM: Citibank: What convinced you that acquiring Motorola was the optimal decison
8:47AM: Barclays Question: Is there a risk to the other Android OEM partners. Page defers to Rubin: Rubin spoke to the top 5 Android licensees yesterday and Rubin says they were all enthusastic
8:47AM: Sanjay Jha states that they hold 17,000 patents in mobile phones.
8:46AM: Drummond: “I think in acquiring the Motorola Patent Portfolio it’s a good thing” turns it over to Sanjay Jha
8:45AM: Drummond on Patent Portfolio: “we have been saying for sometime that we will be protecting the Android ecosystem”
8:41AM: Q&A
8:41AM: Sanjay cites relationships with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and Time Warner
8:41AM: Sanjay Jha on now
8:40AM: Why do they keep saying supercharge, is that the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone?
8:40AM: Google gets Motorola’s Patent portfolio
8:40AM: People may have forgotten Motorola Mobility does HOME business too Great for Google TV
8:37am: Page: Motorola Mobility has a great team
8:35am: Larry “In May 2005 I met Andy Rubin” Page thought Rubin had a crazy vision for the Mobile phone
8:35AM Larry welcomes everyone and acknowledges it’s 5:30am

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