List Of Dark Themes For TWRP!


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Oct 6, 2011
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I have always been a strong proponent of custom software for your Android devices! In the early days Roms were mostly about enhancing the performance of our very limited devices. Back then 1 core clocked at more than 1Ghz was a pretty big deal. Roms meant we could rid our devices of bloat and overclock our CPUs. This made our devices usable.

Pretty soon developers started offering customization options. We started seeing custom launchers with unique transition animations, themes, battery stats, and more! These days Roms are more about keeping older devices updated. When OEMs quit supporting updates for a device the development community continues to update the device for several months and even years.

In order to install custom Roms on your device you will need a custom recovery. TWRP is the recovery of choice for many Android enthusiasts. If you are going to use TWRP why not customize it to your liking. Developer "fichi" has posted some dark themes for TWRP. These include all types of color options. Grab them from the source link below.

via XDA