Liquid Jelly Bean v2 updated to Release Candidate 3!


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Oct 6, 2011
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After several weeks of dedicated work team Liquid has finally put together a release candidate! This is RC3 and includes lots of bug fixes as well as a list of new customization options. Some new customizations include Lockscreen text color, layout, and 5-8 options, Color and Alignment mods for Clock, Custom Navbar targets up to 7, Custom Navbar Ring targets up to 5, Customizable colors throughout the Rom, Liquid Launcher, Liquid Splasher (New Liquid Settings), Theme Chooser and much more! The rom has been optimized for improved performance, it has been deodexed and debloated to slim it down and speed it up, there is now a forced tablet UI mode, and this Rom is looking pretty solid!

Via Rootzwiki