linking contacts and facebook


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May 18, 2011
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A few questions about linking contacts:

I uploaded a picture off my phone to facebook. It had me sign in to facebook when i tried to do it. Immediately after uploading, i got the "linking contacts" icon on top of the phone.

Next thing I know all my contacts photos are switching over to the facebook photos and I'm getting all these new contacts added to my contact list. I never gave my phone permission to link ANYthing, much less facebook (I rarely use it, and don't want my facebook contacts in my phone).

How do I undo this? I went in to 'settings' 'manage applications' and 'facebook for htc sense' and there is no way to uninstall this or even keep it from automatically starting up on boot.

I can't even find a way to delete these facebook contacts, as they don't really show up in my contacts, but do show up in my messages, etc. Also, now all my TXT's show my facebook profile picture instead of my google picture i wanted.

Thanks in advance!!
Try going into settings > Accounts & Sync. Click on the facebook account, then uncheck sync contacts. If unchecking the sync contacts box doesn't work, then just remove the facebook account entirely. You will still be able to use the facebook app on your phone.