LG Will Undercut The Price Of Other New Flagship Devices


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Oct 6, 2011
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LG announced the V30 a few weeks ago with much fan fare. They still have not opened up pre-orders for the device. The fear is that the initial excitement will wear off before the phone is released in the wake of other devices like the iPhone 8 and X. LG plans to compete by undercutting the price of other flagships Apparently the LG V30 will cost $850 for the 64GB version and $900 for the 128GB version according to sources. This is still quite expensive for a smartphone, but isn't so bad when compared to the iPhone X price tag of $999 or the Note 8 price tag of $930.

via The Korea Herald


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Still too pricey for my liking; I'll wait for it to go on sale....
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LG has never learned that when you make a phone announcement, you really need to make the phone available as soon as possible. undercutting prices may help but a lot of possible customers already went with the note or will go with the apple because they are here now or available real soon.
Most phone companies have still not learned this. The ones that do are pretty successful. Like Samsung. Coincidence?
I'll buy that for a dollar.

Seriously, I would, but that's still too much for a phone that doesn't have as much fan fare and marketing as the S/Note 8/S8+ or Apple iPhones.

64 Gig - $799 128 - $869
I like what LG is doing with their phones.. I just don't want to pay if not greatly discounted.. IMO I can get a great deal on Note 8 if I wait a little or rather pay more cash for the Pixel XL and smoother experience... Resale is not great on LG and for a guy that switches phones a bad investment

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Undercut is selling flagship phone for under $500. $850-900 for lg? I bought v10 for $100 few weeks ago. They aren't Apple.
Why someone would love to spend $900 on a LG when he or she could buy an iPhone 8 ( a Status Symbol) at adding extra 100 bucks???

Quote of the week: "The only people that think any cell phone is a status symbol are people that can't afford them". A friend of mine.

So tired of people posting this. NO cellphone is a status symbol. Especially when you can't even tell them apart nowadays, a trend only getting worse. The 6, 6S, 7, 7S, 8 and 8S are almost indistinguishable from each other. How could you even be sure someone was carrying an 8? The only person that would know would be if you're a HUGE phone nerd. And if you're a huge phone nerd, you know that no one buys a phone for "status". The "X" isn't even a status symbol... most normal people wouldn't know that device is an Apple one if it was spitting Apples.

Ohhhh. You can afford $25 a month? YOU'RE A MILLIONAIRE.
Oh, wait... there are a few that are status symbols. Like FERRARI PHONE!
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IPhone is a status symbol in other countries, there is a joke in Russia which states that girls there are more afraid of losing their iPhone then their virginity and you ask a girl how long has she dated a guy, her reply is from iPhone 3 till iPhone 5s.
Sounds funny to us, but somewhere else in the world it's that serious. I could link you to bunch if videos but they won't be in English.
No offense to Russia, but...well...it's Russia. JEANS were illegal for decades.
you used to be able to make a fortune traveling to russia with a suitcase full of old jeans.

I think it was the white wire to the ear plugs that was thought to be a status symbol for the iphone