Free Google Day Dream VR With LG V30 Pre-order!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The LG V30 has to be the hands down best bang for your buck phone of late 2017. We still don't know what the final price of the V30 will be in the US, but do expect it to fall at least $100 below the price of the Note 8 and iPhone X. LG will be adding even more value to the purchase with a free Google Daydream VR headset according to recent leaks by Evan Blass. The VR headset will also come with a VR Content Package. The total value for the package will be $145.

An AT&T promo video for the LG V30 that has been removed indicated that the device will come with a 2 year warranty. Most flagships only come with a one year warranty. This goes right along with what we saw LG do with the G6 earlier in the year when they upgraded the phone's warranty from one year to two. LG is expected to open up pre-orders for the V30 any day now. LG's own sweepstakes appeared to have confirmed a $750 price tag. If they would hurry up and sale the device at that price it might actually fair well.

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I've seen plenty of positive reviews so far from pre release phones that were shipped.. I think this phone might be a good one

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