LG Suspects the Samsung Galaxy S4 May Be Infringing Their Eye-Tracking Patents


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Dec 30, 2010
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Oh no... let's not start this again... Apparently, LG is "eying" the new Samsung Galaxy S IV with suspicion over its Smart Pause feature and more. Supposedly, LG suspects that Samsung may be infringing on their own Eye-Tracking patents. This includes their 2009 patent for Smart Video (which is similar to the SGS4's Smart Pause). LG also suspects that Samsung may be infringing one of its older 2005 eye-tracking patents.

Of course, Samsung admits to no wrong-doing and claims their technology is based upon their own proprietary implementation. It looks like another patent fight could be brewing, and this is all after LG and Samsung made nice with each other over LED patents for their TVs. It's possible this will amount to nothing after LG performs an investigation following the retail launch of the device, but who knows? Can't we all just... get along?

Source: Engadget
ughh :(

I'm hoping this passes because all these patent wars will eventually stifle innovation.