LG Quick Remote Brings IR Blaster Support To AOSP Roms on the LG G3


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Oct 6, 2011
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Custom Roms are great... that is until they kill a main feature of your phone. Roms improve the performance of your phone and allow you to customize various aspects of your phones User Interface. They definitely do a good job at serving their purpose, but it can be pretty annoying when the Rom you have come to love kills a feature of your phone that you can't live without. Many Note users won't run a custom that kills the stylus functionality, some HTC users won't install a rom that kills Boom Sound, and many Android users won't use a rom that kills their IR Blaster functionality.

There is now an app that brings the IR Blaster functionality back to AOSP roms. LG Quick Remote for AOSP app enables the LG QuickRemote app to work on AOSP roms on the LG G3. The app is said to be working on AOSP roms on the LG G2 as well. Head to the link below to grab the app.