LG G4 Note Likely Coming with Metal Case Instead of Plastic


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

A few days ago there was a rumor floating around that a premium version of the LG G4 would possibly get a metal case design instead of plastic. We didn't share it, because we were a little skeptical at the time. If this latest intel is true, we were right to be skeptical.

Supposedly, LG plans to showcase a new "phablet-style" device called the LG G4 Note, and it is their device which will launch with a metal body. What's especially interesting about this device is that it also offers the same curved body seen on the G Flex 2, yet it will still be made of metal.

We are still a little skeptical of this one too, but at least it seems a bit more plausible than the previous rumor. We have to admit though, we are concerned that a metal Flex curved device will be too inflexible to be practical, but we will be happy to be proven wrong.

Source: OnLeaks
imagine how long you could spin it on its back though! Awesome! :p:p:p:p
Nice! My big knock against LG has always been their build materials. I could consider their handsets in the future with this news.....