LG G4 Might Come With a Slightly Curved Screen


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Dec 30, 2010
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The latest rumint out of Korea suggests the LG G4 might come with a slightly curved screen. The report claims that it won't be anywhere near the curvature of the G Flex or G Flex 2, but will be barely noticeable with a curve radius of 3000mm along the Y-Axis. By way of comparison, the G Flex 2 has a vertical curvature of 700mm.

The advantage of this slight curvature will be two-fold. First, it will give the phone slightly better drop test endurance, as the gentle curve could help limit the impact area of the surface. Second, it will also improve grip ergonomics, which means we will be less likely to drop the phone in the first place.

We will keep an eye out for any corroboration on this rumor before the big reveal.

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Source: BusinessKorea
Some of the pics I've seen looked like it was curved, finally some confirmation as I didn't otherwise see any mention of it.